Roland C-II

Anyuone know the interior color of the Roland C-II?

Were there really lace curtins in it?

Stan Parker

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Stanley Parker
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The interior would probably have been wood color as the Roland had a formed wooden fuselage. The "lace curtains" were painted on by aircrew as a joke.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey


AFAIA the interiors of Roland aircraft were painted a grey colour due to = the laminated wood/paper construction of their fuselages. And the lace = curtains were painted on as a joke by the crews.

HTH Andy

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Andy Macrae

Stan Parker asks

Pics in teh Windsck datafile suggest it's painted throughout in ight grey

Only when the crew painted (or installed) them as a joke - there was even one with fake "window boxes" put outside for a joke


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Shane Weier

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