RN A/C Interior Colors

Am planning to build a Corsair and Hellcat in RN markings. Does anyone know if the interior colors would be US or British interior green. Also what would the color of the gear wells be.

Thanks for the help.

Stan Parker

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The interior would be US interior green. No point faffing around repainting interiors when you need the aircraft asap. Gear wells, unfortunately, I can't help you with, but would suspect a similar condition existed there. No doubt somebody with far more reliable/ useful information will be along shortly.

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Without certain knowlede a good guess is, that they like late USN planes are the underside colour in the wheelwells. Originally whellwells vere just primed, but the salt air caused corrosion, so the USN later painted most wheelwells and undercarriagelegs the underside colour.--

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That's certainly true for British built FAA aircraft (and RAF aircraft), so I see no reason why it shouldn't be true for US built aircraft.

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