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I was checking out a friends Ju-88A and since the lines were raised I asked him if it was the Revell kit. He replied it was the "old" Italeri kit and we started discussing the age of that mold. He pulled out the instructions which had the newer anglicized spelling of Italeri and no copyright date. IIRC that series came out in the late eighties which makes it sorta recent in my book but YMMV. Anyone ever see a website that informs when kits were released? When did that kit come out? tia

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That sounded like a job for ESM-72 but the closest I can get to a date there is 1980 for the name spelling change. The kit list has A-4, A-17, B-2 and C. Paging Mr Tom Young, paging Mr Tom Young!

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The Italeri 1/72 Ju88A came out in 1992 and was their own original tooling.

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