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Hi all. I wonder if anyone can help me.I want to build a reasonable scale non working model of a showman type fairground steam engine about 10th scale.I can buy plans for a working type but they are very expensive.I have a workshop fitted out with a lathe ,mill and CNC router so machining in wood or metel is not a problem.I do not want to go to the extremes of machining a fully working model so 3 views in almost any scale will do.Any ideas where I may get drawings from ?.

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How about using the drawings for an operating one, and just don't build the internal parts. I believe Taubman's plans may carry plans for those vehicles. Anyway, I am sure I saw them in one of the catalogs of a place that carries model ship drawing sets. I think the plans are from a publisher called MAP or something like that. They are British, I believe.

I also believe that the British publication, Model Engineering, has published drawings for these things. Also, try the publisher that puts out Live Steam magazine- they have some books that might have such drawings.

If these suggestions fail, go to the Usenet group rec.crafts.metalworking and ask the question. I am sure someone there can help.

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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