So Rufus, Did You Visit the Guitar Center for Their Presidents Day Sale?

what ax did you walk away with?
I went back myself three times, the last time I left with a 88 key
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Heh...I just got this month's Mastercard bill. That thang is SMOKIN'...
Planning on starting a collection of effects pedals to slow things down a bit. Got a growing list. I'm getting increasingly fed up with my Line 6 Pod XT Live - it's just too finicky.
I've got a vintage MXR flanger that I've had since the '70s, and I'm thinking I may star combing E-bay for a couple other vintage items. I REALLY want an EP-4 Echoplex, but I'm leaning to picking up a Fulltone TTE just to get something in current production.
...but if I should happen across a butterscotch blonde, American Deluxe Strat, all bets could be off. And I'd about kill for one of these...but I'm afraid to ask the price:
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