So, what's your "Dream Project" for modelling?

Let's talk best case scenarios here, if you had access
to all tools needed, and the kit and all accessories re-
quired, what would you build as a 'dream project'?
Here's a couple from me:
* I'd complete my Titan II in 1/72 complete with the silo
and LCC. I'd even have the door on top open and the
guys with their hands on the keys!
* An in-flight 1/72 scale MC-130 using the balloon pick-
up system complete with figure half way up in the air!
* A decent looking Starfix kit! (ha ha ha!)
My idea for a 1/72 scale diorama of Chicago 1989,
Timeline Two: Thr Soviets have invaded the US by
going over the pole and through Canada. We've
stopped an amphibious landing in Chicago. It'll be
a couple of Abrams tanks against a T-72 in a 'bad'
section of town. I was going to use ESCI tanks and
figures and scratchbuild the burnt out buildings.
What are some of your ideas?
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Drew Hill
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I've wanted to do a Viking village. I have several Viking longships (Aurora, Revell and 2 Hellers), as well as numerous "ethnic" structures from Faller, Kibri and others. I have a bunch of drawings and photos of Viking settlements, as well as diorama materials and such. Trouble is to do this justice, it'd be BIG, maybe 4' by 8' and that's the problem - once it was finished, where the hell would I PUT it? And in smaller scales, there just isn't as much hardware. Oh well, back to my Chinese juck discovering America in 1414 (1:400 - that I can handle!)
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The Old Man
No doubt - 1/32 scale C-5B Galaxy
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Jeff Barringer
I've long wanted to build a model with a working IC engine. I have seen others do this- a racing car or old timer with a working, running gasoline engine.
I do have a Sherline lath with milling attachment but it is a bit limiting in certain ways. I'd like a better lath, and an engine "kit" to let me get started. These do exist- I just haven't taken the step.
There are others who have built MODEL working aircraft engines. I have seen a Merlin, and several radials.
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Don Stauffer
Perhaps not that exotic, but it'll never happen due to space considerations: a 1/72 B-52 topping off the fuel tanks from a 1/72 KC-135 (or a KC-10 if a kit of it existed).
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Pauli G
Doing up the 1/12 balsa Sterling P-26 in my stash with sheet balsa skinning and all the 'pit details, etc.
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M Stanley
A formation of 1/48 B-17's across my garage ceiling protected by lots of little friends.... About a dozen B-17's and P-51's should do it......
Expanding on the old Shep Paine 1/32 Hedgerow diorama to make it longer with multiple breaks in the hedgerow, but this time with Germans on the other side.
More behind the scenes, non action 1/35 dioramas.
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Has to be a 1/72 scale Aircraft Carrier either HMS Ark Royal circa 1978 (final cruise), or if I really push the boat out (excuse the pun) then USS Nimitz in 1975 (lots of lovely Phantoms).
Have a hankering to do a Falklands era Black Buck scene too, a Victor tanker refuelling the Vulcan bomber (I guess thats the UK equivalent of Pauli G's B-52 & KC-135 "dream").........One day
Happy modelling Ant
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Ant Phillips
I have one ongoing "dream project". It is a diorama of a 50's gas station and some associated buildings and models. It is 2 =BD feet deep and about 6 feet long. I have it along a wall under a window. It is set up about waist high with a Plexiglas top and front. It is low enough that you are looking a little down on it. So far I have a modified MRC gas station built (stretched version out of 2 kits) and a repair shop that is scratch built next door. I intend to add another building or two. I think a fire station might be in order. I have several of the models already built including a tow truck, checker taxi, and a dirt track car that is being worked on in the garage and a police car. I have accumulated lots of diorama items including the normal garage equipment plus a working clock and lights mostly from the "G Scale" model railroad stuff. I pick this up and put it down between other builds. It will probably always be a work in progress but it looks pretty neat even now (:>
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Count DeMoney
A 1:1 scale, fully funtional, JAS 39 Gripen...
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"Drew Hill" wroet:
Top on my list would be a 1/96 mostly scratch built model of Skylab with a moveable ATM and solar panels for displaying either in-orbit or launch configuations.
I'd also love to build a 1/72 scale C-17 Globemaster if *someone* would ever put out a kit!
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I would really like to build a 1/72 Mobile Launch Platform and Crawler/Transporter for my completed space shuttle stack. I did the math on the project, and I'm looking at about two feet per side for the MLP, about 3" tall, and the Crawler would be just a bit smaller. I would like to have a display case to set the model in, at about waist high. Eventually, after I'm released from the mental institution, I will add the entire Launch Tower to the display.
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So many, so little time. First I would like to finish my Artesania Latina version of the Cutty Sark - big sucker. Next I would like to finish the two Enzos I bought. In between, there are tanks, float planes and a slew of cars. And lastly, start and finish the doll house for my new granddaughter.
That's all folks,
Ray Austin, TX ===
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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman
A series of 1/72 vehicle and figure vignettes featuring "Willie and Joe".
1. Under the Stug.III in a foxhole " gotta be patient".
2. Shooting the Jeep with the broken axle.
3. "This damn tree leaks". How would do this one I have no idea. Maybe in a shadow box?
4."...damn attrocity commitin' Huns..." in the wine cellar.
5.USAF pilot circa Korean War: "Uncle Wille!!!".
6. Overheated Jeep wth the hood open "Not quite hot enough for the coffee." or something like that.
There are enough Mauldin cartoons to keep one busy for a lifetime.
For Lynne, who is Jewish but is developed a sense of humor in order to survive living with me:
The previously unknown Granville designs used in the Israeli war of independence. There is the almost stock Gee Bee fighter with guns added, the Jew Gee Bee. 1/72 model. The larger attack Hee Bee Gee Bee using a 1/48 Gee Bee suitably modified and dressed up to represent a 1/72 bird. A large scale kit for the big Gee Bee bomber. Two or maybe even three engines clustered in the big cowling, gun turrets, bomb bay, etc. No name yet.
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"Drew Hill" wrote in news:1138187902.579317.54230
- I'd love to see (and then buy and build) a 1/32nd Hawker Hart. - Finishing the masters for my 1/48th Pander S.4 Postjager. (and then selling thousands of kits of it) - All the Schneider Cup planes - All the Thompson, Bendix trophy/race etc. planes
that would keep me busy for a while.
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1) The Boeing 314 Pan Am Dixie Clipper in 1/48 tied up to a quay in Hawaii.
2) The battlecruiser USS Lexington steaming at speed with the HMS Hood off its port quarter in 1/350.
3) The Seaview hovering over the wreck of Nemo's Nautilus on the ocean bottom. (thus combining the 2 coolest subs ever designed IMHO)
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That's a SERIOUSLY cool idea!
How about a Zwilling GeeBee? Or a Mistel style bomber/fighter ver- sion?
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Drew Hill
Like this one?
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Harro de Jong
Finish reworking the Linberg 1/48 F-86A into an A, using Monogram parts. Take the vac plunge on RareBits F-86H, P-1C and F4B-2 Bash AMTs '68 El Camino with their '72 Chevelle to replicate my '72 GMC Sprint. I think there is one in resin, but...... Convert AMT Y/B-49 to a TWA carrier. The artist renderings from the Discovery show look great. Last , finish all the starts I have piling up :-)
-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Chuck Ryan
there are online pics of the carrier and of course i don't have the url.
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