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Well, i don't normally post except to ask a question however, here goes...
Last night I went to a meeting of the St Edmundbury Plastic Model
Society in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK. It was my first visit and I had
a great time.
The evening went like this.
Kev gave a short run down on what had happened since the last meeting.
Each member then had an opportunity to say what they had individually
been doing since the last meeting.
The those who had brought models along gave a little talk about them.
Gary (? not sure of the name) brought a Matra V8 engine from a race car
he is making. he described the difficulties he was havin g getting the
metal to look good and then mentioned he had found out that the colours
were wrong on the cylinder head! The next chap had some very humorous
things to say about the BAC Hawks he brought - they all started out as
74 Squadron black but his tale of decals was great fun. The next guy
(sorry didn't get their names) had a P.40 and a hand carved Congo(?)
class battle cruiser which, eveidently, he carved the hull - and only
then decided to make the superstructure ;-). Lastly Kev described his
1/48 scale thunderstreak. We had a small vote for each but the winner
seems to be announced later. As I have just opened a model shop in
Ipswich, I had brought along three of the latest kit for people to look
at. These were the trumpeter 1/32 Me-262, the High Planes Boston III
and the Pegasus 1/72 limited edition Vickers FB5 Gun Bus.
At that point there was a quiz, which was all about the history of
Airfix. i got two right out of 15 but Rob got 12 - he has way too much
time for history - grin.
After a short chat we closed the meeting and headed to the bar.
All in all a great night.
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David Pennington
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Hi David - Good luck with the model shop! I've since moved a few hundred miles away, but seeing your reference to St Edmondsbury reminded me; is Rougham Tree Fair still going strong? I expect Bentwaters and Woodbridge are housing estates or shopping experiences by now. All the best Chek
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Sounds like a great group. Love to attend once but the swim is a tad too long. ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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I missed out the chap that is m aking the Airfix Mosquito NF.XIX. he brought along the fuselage and the wings - not yet put together. To say that he had fit problems, well... Not a good kit by the looks of it.
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David Pennington
Look if I can drive 30 miles across rural Suffolk and you have to do is get on a plane... You are just not keen enough - grin.
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David Pennington

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