Squadron Job

Employment Opportunity

Squadron Mail Order has a management position for a mature person. Sales and product knowledge desirable. We will train.

Send resumé and salary requirements to:

Squadron Mail Order Attn: Jerry Campbell

1115 Crowley Drive Carrollton, TX 75011-5010

-or- Email

"Mature Person" - I guess that knocks the RMS family out of consideration :-)


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who me?
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Squadron Mail Order...for the children...

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Hey Julian, this ones for you ;-)

Erik Wauters

"who me?" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...

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Erik Wauters

If they're looking here, they're in for a long search. Kim M:+)

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Yes it caught my eye, TX has nice weather and lots of wildlife. Sure the chicks are hot too!

Ok RMS guys, all give me a fiver for the airfare for a interview please!

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Yep, can't think of anyone here like that...

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Maybe I should apply.



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