Tamiya CDs on Aircraft, are they worth ?

Hi, The tittle says it all Tks

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Julian Herrero 'yuri'
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It's a matter of taste...but at TamiyaCon this past weekend, Tamiya was selling them for 2 bucks each...they are certainly worth that....

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Dang!!! And here I just paid $10 for one! (Luckily it was B-day money...)

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Edwin Ross Quantrall

They're good, but I think Tamiya-san did his dough on the production of them. Here in Aussie they were RRP'd at about $70 - not too many got sold, methinks. I've seen big mobs of 'em at cheapy bookshops for $10-$15 since the beginning of the year.


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Rob Grinberg

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