Large Volkswagen Beetle?

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I'm looking for large VW Beetle (the classic one, not the new one) toys and scale models. I want one bigger than 1/18 scale. Anyone know what are the biggest ones ever made? Did they ever make a 1/6 one for Barbie dolls? Was there ever a 1/8 scale model kit?

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I seem to remember a VW bus and possibly a Beetle convertable for Barbie, but not the beetle itself. I think that there was a Beetle toy from Louis Marx in soft(er) plastic with an interior that was reasonably detailed in a larger scale, maybe 1:12. It was a "sand box" toy, but could work as the basis for a model. I ~do~ know of someone that built up one of their "Things" in about 1:20 scale, IIRC, and made it into a respectable model.

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The Old Timer

I think Tamiya makes a model at 1/10 or 1/12 scale. I thinks its a '66.

I know they make an R/C model at 1/10... modeled after about the same year.

When I was a kid, I had a red plastic toy beetle with a yellow base, white engine in back. Sort-of "Hot-Rod" looking...big tires in back, smaller tires in front. Not sure who made it. It was probably around 1/12 scale. I have seen them a couple times since at VW swapmeets & such.

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"Jon" schreef in bericht news:

That's correct, but the static version is 1:24 scale.

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Herbert Ackermans

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