Any fine scale RC cars?

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Are there any fine scale RC cars? I'd like ones with lots of detailing, accuracy, hard bodies, and detailed interiors. All I see are cars with simplified lexan bodies with an emphasis on racing or bashing and no interiors.

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Is this what you mean?

These are very expensive and delicate.

Nowadays consumers want performance more than accuracy.

The market tends to follow this trend.

Lexan bodies are used in most r/c vehicles for light weight and durability, and ease of construction/painting.

That said, HPI and Tamiya do have some rally cars with interiors available.

They look very realistic if you have the painting skills!

(I personally like having the wheels and tires a bit more in scale with the body- which can be done with some creativity.)

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Tamiya, IMO, has the best detail in the the hobby class market.

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frater mus

Oh sure -- the magazines do articles about "project cars" every now and then. A few kits (Tamiya, mostly) come with injection molded bodies and model cabins. HPI came out with a rally car awhile back with an integrated cabin and driver figure.

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Rick R.

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Rick Russell

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