Tamiya Swordfish

I'm not a plane guy, I do ships & cars, but I have to ask out of curiosity - what makes the Tamiya Swordfish aircraft model (1:48) worth $64? Is it mfgr'd that good or is it just a unique model? I noted on the box that photoetch parts were NOT included. Hmmm, 50% off at Hobby Lobby would make it $32.............

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Heft the box--this ain't your f-16 with a cockpit and a tube sticking out the rear. It's a "busy" airplane with a lot of interior detail, most of it visible. Shake the box--not much room to rattle; it's packed tight. I agree that the photoetch being "extra' is a bit much, but i remember when you were expected to make it out of sprue. It's just a matter of what your time is worth

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Tom Cervo

I'm working on mine now- it's a real beauty. LOTS of detail and optional folded/unfolded wings. Very nice piece of engineering.

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Jim Atkins

The initial offering price was $75...my buy-in point (x2) was $40. I think the kit's worth that, and not much more. If you can get one for $32, jump on it...

That said...it IS and excellent kit of a complex, busy looking subject. Very cool from a "kit engineering" standpoint alone, whether you like the subject or not (which was my reason for buying both kits after seeing one in the box). Sort of a detail-geek's drool-fest - lots of juicy flying wires, a big visible radial engine, open cockpits, colorful paint schemes to choose from, etch, etch, and more etch from both Tamiya and Eduard, and some interesting history too, once you get into the research.

The Swordfish turned out to be one of those subjects I had never intended to build but grew to admire once I got into it. Much like the Leopold railway gun...had to SEVERELY restrain myself to keep from buying the Trumpeter kit yesterday...it's just a matter of time, though.

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that stringbag is one cool plane. it's number one on my beg for christmas list from the family.

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I've seen one on the shelf with 'clear version' or similar on the box, what exactly does this mean?

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John Halliwell

I haven't seen the clear version of the Swordfish first-hand but other manufacturers have done similarly in the past (the Monogram 1/48 scale B-17 comes to mind).

What they do is mold one of the fuselage halves in clear plastic so you can see the interior better. I believe this is the case with this cersion of the Swordfish.

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Bill Woodier

I've got one, here's a quick in-box review:

Tamiya item # 89574-4900 Includes same regular plastic and decals as regular version, but also includes sprues "A" and "D" in clear plastic, these extra clear sprues allow you to do the cockpit and fuselage and engine area in clear plastic. The quality of the clear parts is excellent, no pits or smudges or cloudy areas to be seen.


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