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Greetings! I recently acquired a 1:48 Tamiya Fairey Swordfish #61068, "plain vanilla kit" (read not floatplane, no PE). The box recommends Tamiya #61069 PE detail set. I believe that Eduard likewise makes, as it turns out, several PE detail sets. I have used Eduard PE, but no experience with the pre-painted which I am told are outstanding. I ask for a bit of guidance from anyone who has experience with the kit and or the following. Recommend Tamiya or Eduard (to include colored #4212) PE detail sets for standard and [converted] floatplane. Second, anyone have any experience with the CMK 4062 Floatplane conversion kit? Any issues with the conversion kit or the PE used with it? TIA for your time and assistance. Regards, Bruce

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Bruce Apple
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I don't have any knowledge of either the Tamiya, Eduard or CMK sets.

However (and I really hope that I'm not just muddying the waters here) there are other Swordfish detail sets available, from Model Design & Construction.

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DS48011 - Etched brass parts. The website says this is now "deleted", but it is still shown. This usually means that there are a limited number of items left but no more will be produced. Drop MDC a line and enquire. They are very helpful indeed.

DS48010 - Long range fuel tank. Resin.

DS48009 - Swordfish Detail Set. Resin slats, seat, radio and bulged wheels.

CV48038 - Swordfish floatplane conversion set. Resin Slightly less expensive than the CMK offering.

CV48039 - Swordfish MkII conversion. Resin

CV48040 - Swordfish MkIII conversion. Resin.

Although I haven't actually seen any of these particular kits, I can recommend MDC most highly. I have used their Bf109 cockpits a number times, with more stacked up ready in my stash, and have also built two Seafires, a Spitfire Vc and an FW-190D using their components. I'm very tempted with the Hurricane fabric wing conversion.

Hope this helps. At the very least it should offer you a little more choice.

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Enzo Matrix

You will need the Tamiya PE for the rigging and engine braces which are not in the kit. As for the Eduard sets, they are very nice, but not really necessary. The level of detail in the kit itself is so good that you'd merely be gilding the lily. Sorry I can't comment on the conversion kit, but CMK are known for very nicely detailed sets that can tend to be fiddly to put together.

BTW, Tamiya offers a kit of the floatplane version so you won't have to worry about conversions if you don't want to.

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Jessie C

A note of clarification: I did not directly provide the info beyond the Tamiya part number, which is for the Swordfish MK I. I have no idea what distinguishes the MKI and the MKII. Thanks for the heads up Enzo, I'll get an enq. straight away. Regards, Bruce

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Bruce Apple

Apparently the MkII had a metal lower wing, which allowed the carriage and firing of rocket-projectiles. The MkIII had the metal wing and an ASV radar installation. Not much help if you are building a floatplane, which I believe were all MkIs. :-)

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