The Chicago Show 2007 - Photos

Here is a collection of photos from the Military Miniature Society of Illinois' "Chicago Show", held the weekend before the last. As always, the best miniaturists from the world show up, displaying work of incredible quality: Ironically, from what I have seen in the photos, the pieces which impress me the most, are all of a NON-military subject:

Scott Primeau's "Babe Ruth" bust (Page 1) Greg DiFranco's "Madame Recamier" (Page 3)-a "flat"! Fletcher Clement's "Marrakesh" (Page 4) Bob Tavis' "Pollack" (Page 4)

There was also quite a collection of Bill Horan's work as well (though, for some reason a lot of "veteran" pieces - I am still awaiting the

And, it should be pointed out - the majority of the pieces in the photo set, are originals, not commercial castings.


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Greg Heilers
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Fine works, all...I think my fav was "Eric Topp", but I could choose others just as well.

I always seem to miss this show...I'm gonna have to think about re-scheduling my annual Chi-town trip.

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I never realised before just how much Alexander the Great resembled Richard Burton :o)


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The Pictures look really great. Thanks for posting.

My understanding is that a collector auctioned off his collection of great pieces and then brought them to Chicago to deliver to the buyers and they somehow decided to put them on display.

` Val Kraut

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Val Kraut

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