The Riddler Revell Vinyl

I have completed the riddler from Revell. I am having problems with
the decals they are not high quality and the body has the question
marks cut into the body. What the problem is I don't want to spend
alot of time sanding down the cuts, because they are pretty deep. What
I need is an idea to smooth out the body so the decals will be able to
be placed any where instead of trying to fit the decal to the q mark
on the body.
Dan Beavers
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I have the same kit and have not finished painting yet. I was not concerned about the question marks, figuring the decals would hide enough of it. But to fill in all the recessed lines.... could you dip the kit in something? Is Future thick enough to work as a gap filler? There are no real detail lines on this kit so I do not think much would be lost. The lines are not all that deep. Maybe Future could at the least minimize the lines.
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