Things to see at the Stuttgart airport

To anyone that may be interested...
last week I was at the Stuttgart (the german one :) airport waiting
for the plane and I found that they have a nice small "museum" with
some engines (piston and jets, even a Tornado RB-199 engine) and other
plane items and on the roof there are some interesting planes: an
An-2, a Me-108 Taifun, an AT-6, a PZL built Mil Mi-2 and a couple of
others. To go to the roof and see the planes you have to pay a small
fee (2 Euro if I'm not wrong), but it was too snowy and cold to go
there and they can be seen even from the windows. I wouldn't go to
Stuttgart just to see the exhibit, but in case you are there and have
some time to spend while waiting for your plane, it's more interesting
than duty free shops.
Btw, while we were there we sighted a plane on the other side of the
runway that looked like a 707 but was too dark to be a civil plane...
then we saw it taking off and realised it was a KC-135: wow! Nice
add-on to all those boring civil planes :)
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Around the world we go -- if you are at Sea-Tac in Seattle, WA USA go right (once you get down to baggage level) and you will see the Rutan designed "Voyager (not the satellite ) hanging from the ceiling. It looks like the original from ground level, but since I could not find any plaques, or other info, and not having my jetpack with me, I do not know for sure...........
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Andrew M
I'm constantly jumping up and down as I have the Brize Norton pattern that comes out to Oxford, seen from out the front room window and various aircraft out of the window from the back room. Not as good as when Abingdon was alive though as all sorts would fly over the house including the BBMF on their way there.
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Richard Brooks

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