This whole Sikorski thing!

All they have to do is not put the name Sikorski anywhere on or in the package. Legally they will not be able to put any type of trademark infringement suite on anything advertised as "U. S. Army UH-60A" or what ever. Because they cant lay claim anything that is considered Public Domain. How can they lay claim on a 40 year old kit with a seven year statute of limitations(?).

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Scott A. Bregi
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This whole thing is jujst a part of why there are almost no kit manufacturers left manufacturing products here.

The few remaining American companies make their products elsewhere. The vast majority of kits are made elsewhere. We now rely on Eastern Europe for the vast bulk of new kits while the big companies crank out a tiny handfull of new kits and tons of re-issues, some dating back to the 1960s.

I buy a huge number of new kits in my chosen scale. It's a pity that such a tiny portion of my money goes to American companies. At least some goes to American distributors.


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So, what in the hell is wrong with a private individual selling his or her Sikorsky model kits?

Are they saying that MagLite can shut down my Ebay auctions if I try selling one of their flashlights?

Seems damn irregular.

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If maglite made it, it's fine, you're selling a maglite that maglite already got paid for. It's a real maglite, so they can't complain. The Revell kit is an unlicensed product making money out of Sikorsky's name, and they got nothing out of it. It's a fake Sikorsky, a pirate. Sure, it's pure BS, but eBay clearly don't give a damn, so long as it means nobody is involving them in legal action or threat thereof.


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Wulf Corbett

Cant you just say its a seriously ill Mule that likes winter sports?

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I agree, Sikorsky needs to go after manufacturers, not the individuals who buy kits. I think this is a misguided corporate effort, and they should concentrate on counterfeit parts, not plastic models. BTW, a quick check reveals that there are still a number of Sikorsky helicopter kits posted on Ebay for auction. Why weren't these removed by Ebay? More alarmingly, there are 2 or 3 real helicopter parts for sale, under the search title of Sikorsky. Good prices for your 1:1 scale model....

Tom Dougherty (

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