November Squadron and positive customer service

A while back I said I'd not likely be ordering from Squadron in November what
with the VLS sale and that Squadron would have to have the package hand
delivered by supermodels who rubbed my back while I built to get an order in
well, I was wrong.
On the back page they had the Fujimi Mig29's for $3 so I grabbed a dozen for
the kids in the afterschool model kit building club I run and grabbed a set of
the Zvezda Russian special forces and the ICM Russian Anti terror troops since
I was already paying for shipping.

The ICM set came sealed from the manufacturer and was missing the A sprue, the
motor rifles guys.
A quick call to Squadron and a new sprue is in the mail and on the way.
Thumbs up.
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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've
misunderstood the situation.
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