Thunderbird newsreader?

I downloaded it ok, but as I was going through the setup it asked for th name of the newsgroup server. Beats the hell outta me what that means. Do I put in Rec.Models.Scale or something else? When I read this grou it's through Talkabout Network, whatever that is


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Disco58 said the following on 22/04/2008 03:11:

At a guess I would say that the ISP might be

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but talkaboutcrafting may be tied to another news service provider network.

The first instance would be to send an email to your own provider and ask who provides the newsgroup service (it doesn't hurt to ask) and if so, what would be the username and password for it, as that service might have another username and password to allow you to use it. It might be the same username and password that you use for your own ISP. Thunderbird will throw up a login box once you're connected. Fill in the details, check the 'remember these details' and you should never see that box again.

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Richard Brooks

Disco58 wrote: : I downloaded it ok, but as I was going through the setup it asked for the : name of the newsgroup server. : Looking at the header of your post, I see:


so you can try for the name, I do not know if TBird takes IP addresses as well as names - it should, if it is written properly.


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Bruce Burden

I suggest drinking thunderbird before reading the groups.

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