Tristar 1/35 kits - any good?

I was perusing the aisles of my local hobby shop last night and came across a company I had never heard of called Tristar that had a few intriguing figure sets in 1/35 scale. Does anyone have any experience with these, and if so, how do they compare to Tamiya and Dragon?

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I've got 4 of their figure sets, and they're all good. Nice details and poses. As good or better than Dragon. Much better than Tamiya in my opinion. There's photo-etch in some of them for head sets and the like. I haven't built them yet, though, so this is an "in box" opinion. There are reviews of all of their figure sets at Perth Military Modelling:

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There are reviews of their Panzer I kit and >I was perusing the aisles of my local hobby shop last night and came across a

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They are good kits all around. I've read where the Panzer IA kit is a bit short on some dimensions, but overall it "looks" the part. And for the price, it's a downright steal considering you get a good little etch fret AND Modelkasten tracks for about 35 to 40 $ U.S; the MK track set sells for 25 to 30 alone. I got lucky and got a "damaged" Panzer IA from RZM for 25 when they had a sale. The damage? The box was crumpled in one corner, that's it.

The figure kits are the best value for the money, period. Five or so of the best injection plastic figures on the market for much less than one or two resin figures. The SPG crew has figures that fit well with either of the new DML Hummel/Nashorn models or the Tamiya Marder III M. Those figures stand up easily against ANY resin figure in 1/35th on the market IMO.

They have plans to release one of the huge cannons in 1/35th, ala another Karl, Thor or maybe even another Leopold, sometime in the future. Man three to five kits of the German HUGE cannons/Mortars on the market.....never thought I'd see the day where ONE would make it to market in 1/35th...

Anyway, dive in they're good stuff, well worth the money, and pretty easy to build.

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