Trumpeter 1/32 Avengers Press Release

I have news of the 1/32 TBF-1c and TBM-3 Avengers just announced by Stevens International posted at

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- Check it out!

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Michael Benolkin
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At least they throw in "GM" for the TBMs! Cool!

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frank may

stop posting this madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to move and thin the collection and you go and post stuff like this. :-)

I'm gonna go mad, I really am.

But seriously, a 21 inch wingspan does sound pretty cool. Maybe I'll get two.


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who me?

Just get the 1/48 Ju 52, it's bigger........

And... it's in the real mans scale, 1/48 :)

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Wait till the 1/18 scale 21st Century Toys Avenger comes out. Ceiling haner for sure. Cheers.

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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