Trumpeter Lightning prices

Trumpeter's stuff always seems to be very expensive for what is in the box.
Thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case for their forthcoming EE
Lightnings. Hannants are offering them for seventeen quid!
Okay, twelve quid would have been ideal, but I was expecting twenty-five...
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Enzo Matrix
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£17 = $31
£12 = $22
£25 = $46
Just be aware that the prices in the US may bear no relation to prices in the UK. We have all sorts of taxes that get added on. A good rule of thumb for working out the UK price of an imported item is to take the price in the US and swap the dollar sign for a pound sign.
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Enzo Matrix
: : ...And for those of us who aren't Limeys, what does that convert to in : U$D and/or Euros :-) : Thanks to Thick, the pound sterling is the next best thing to two dollars today. And the Euro is the next best thing to $1.48 cents, I believe.
Isn't deficit spending great!
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Bruce Burden
spare change? got a quarter? hey buddy, can you help me out? i'm a veteran, blind, homeless and my hitops need a buff.
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