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What do you do with it after you use it to strip paint? And what's the best way to get it off the model after I'm done stripping the paint? Thanks! Sara

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To remove brake fluid from the parts use lukewarm water with dishwash detergent and apply the detergent first and then rinse with the water you might have to repeat this a couple of times before you get all the brakefluid off and mostly there are some paint left on the parts use an old toothbrush and don't forget to use gloves it's nasty for the skin the brakefluid to get the paint off from those places the brush cant reach use a toothpick or other small wooden stick:-) Rinse several times and the used brakefluid might be used maybe one more time,mostly not so put it back in the container and deposit it to a gas station or other place that could handle it to protect the environment. But I suugest you would try owencleaner instead cause it is much safe both for you and the environment Good luck and sorry for my bad english:-) Regards Nightmare "Sara" skrev i meddelandet news:

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I leave it in the tub and use it to strip *another* model. ;^)

As the other guy said, water will rinse it off. I'd still wash it with soap again, just to be sure.

-- C.R. Krieger (Now using CSC)

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C.R. Krieger

Well according to the character in "The Beast" (played by one of the Baldwin brothers), you can filter it through some bread, put some raisins in it, let it ferment...and it makes great homemade hooch!

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Greg Heilers

The best way I've found to be sure of removing all the brake fluid residue from a part is to wash it thoroughly in white spirit and then rinse it in detergent and water .Brake fluid can be kept in a jar and used many times over before it becomes too polluted .It should be disposed of responsibly in an oil bank and not put out with the household rubbish .

Happy modelling

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I've used and re-used a tub of it for years until I acquired something else

An old used tootbrush and soap are great. If you have several old brushes you can custom clip some to get into tight spots and other special situations.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Mad Modeller

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