Don't open the posting - I did and it screwed my PC.

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Gary Warwick
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When someone has been in a newsgroup for some time and they usually put [OT] in the header if the item is not relevant to the newsgroup, having understood some of the guidelines.

Another clue would be that they have no reason to put a four digit number at the end of the subject line, which is a symptom of some mass posting software.

Hope you get the machine working, as reinstalling everything is a nightmare going on over a couple of days in some instances!


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Richard Brooks

And now they have a new one - about Ah-nold....

-- John The history of things that didn't happen has never been written. . - - - Henry Kissinger

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The Old Timer

FWIW A lot of this garbage seems to be posted from the site "Harvard.edu". Says something about higher education in this country today, doesn't it?

Bill Shuey

Gary Warwick wrote:

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William H. Shuey

Have you notice that the senders addresses have a @columbia.edu in the Ah-nold e-mailing and @columbia.edu or @harvard.edu in the Osama e-mailing. Looks like the Cheetos eating, inflamed orange dick heads are using the College lab computers (or routing through them) to send out their mass e-mailing.


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