Was the IDF Magach 7 derived from the M-60 or the Centurion?

I'm trying to find out if the IDF Magach 7 was a variant of the IDF
Centurion tank or the IDF M-60 series of tanks. I have images that
seem to support either and I like to know for certain which tank the
IDF Magach 7 was based on. DO any of you know for certain which one it
Thanks and cheers from Peter
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Master Gunner
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googling M-60 and Magach seems to indicate it's based on the M-60, even if you exclude the Wikipedia-derived info
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Shalom and thanks.
I had some images of the Magach 7 saved to my hard-drive last year but I wasn't quite sure which tank the Magach 7 was based on. I just used a photo-manipulation program to enhance some of the frontal shots and I can now see the type and location of the driver's hatch. It is centered in the hull like the M-60 and not like the Centurion which had the drivers position to the right of center.
Thanks again and cheers from Peter
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