What scale is 1/2" = 1' ??

gonna build a simple layout for a house remodel and may want to use doll
house furniture or small size furniture you see at art supply stores.
just in case they list them in scale, what would it be?
my family was not blessed with the math gene....... but I can tell you
all the plots from Gilligan's Island.
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1/2" = 1' is 1/24 scale.
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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1/2" = 1'
1' = 12"
Therefore: 1/2" = 12" or .5" = 12"
Divide each side of the equation by the smallest value of the two which is .5"
.5/.5=1 and 12/.5=24. The ratio is 1:24, or 1/24 scale.
My dad always told me math was useful. Until I realized that it was useful for so many things I didn't pay much attention. Now I'm glad I did.
Good day, Francis Marion
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Francis Marion
IIRC most common dollhouse furniture is 1:12 scale, 1" = 1'.
Craig wrote:
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Just use all the same range of bits from the cheap toy shop. Half an hour wandering up and down a couple of toy shops should soon give you an idea of what is readilly available that would suit the size of the final house model.
You don't have to get all the same brand name, and rather than guessing what scale you want to work in, take the rough size of the job and work out how big you want to go. Most doll houses I have seen are funny scales until you star to spend a lot of money...
Last, in real life they will then have the whole range of scales of dolls, Barbies, monkeys, Batman, teenage mutants, beetles, transformers, golliwogs (OOPS, that wasn't pc!), elephants, Ken, the 3 muskateers and even Teddy, have tea, watch TV, get put to bed,....... by your favourite little girl?
Hope this helps, Peter
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IME, that's correct. If you want to have a *car* in it, this is the scale to use because most car big-scale (over 1/43) kits are either this or the slightly smaller and nearly-indistinguishable 1/25 scale. If you want to build a nice diorama with a *car*, you're going to find that 1/24-1/25 scale furniture is more likely to be Christmas ornaments and 'village' scenery stuff than doll house furniture. -- C.R. Krieger (Been there; built that)
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C.R. Krieger
The furniture might be a problem, but you'll easily enough find out if there's room for a giant articulated truck in the driveway (Italeri), a Ferrari F40 in the garage (Tamiya), or that 1:1 P-51 restoration in the back yard (Trumpeter or Airfix)!
Bestest, M.
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Matt Bacon

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