Where to find 3mm tubing fittings?

I would really appreciate some help finding a part.

I'm looking for a place I can order a fuel line fitting. I'm looking for a 3mm festo cap, which is a push-in quick connect tubing termination for flexible plastic tubing, like the kind used in fuel lines.

I have been having a lot of trouble ordering this part from Great Northern Models. For a couple of months now, they keep telling me that they have shipped the part, but it never arrives. They've told me that they have shipped it three times, but even though I keep giving them my official street address, they can't seem to get the part to me. Or else they are lying. Or incompetent. Or the part just doesn't exist.

So, please don't refer me to

formatting link
(No street address available - they apparently work from an undisclosed location.)

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