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The couplings to the airline to the compressor,this better not be an issue,just for a test I tried a air can & my Paasche air hose,not too good,way off.I'm hoping ALL comps.are universal fitting.

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Steve Collins

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They are standard, couple of different sizes, with adapters up and down. The step down to the airbrush hose is the big one. Go to any hardware store that sells air tools. If you're not sure of the size buy a couple different and take it home and compare. It's all very inwxpensive.

I actually have a Badger compressor without a tank, a 7 gal tank, regulator, etc and then I win a CH with a tank and regualtor at a show. I ended up with a bunch of different lengths of tube. corners, Tees, etc. I was going to try and hook the 7 gal tank to the CH to get a longer supply of air using QD couplers and the hose I got with a set of fittings I bought.

This stuff is all cheap it's just a matter of figuring what you need that takes a bit. Don't forget the Teflon tape to wrap the threads in before screwing it in, helps to make it airtight.

email me at ftauss_at_yahoo_dot_com (_at_ = @, _dot_ = .) if you need more help.


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Gray Ghost

I use a big old copressor and a cheap heliumn tank. Or I did. When we moved here to France for the year I couldn't bring my tank and did't mess with the compressor. So I had to improvise. Built up a system using a couple 2L Coke bottles, a little car compressor, and a 12v 9a battery for a scooter. Hook up my regulator, filter and it works great. Real Red Green technology, but not quite enough duck tape....

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While the fitting between the airbrush hose and a standard pipe thread may not be available at many hardware stores, most hobby shops have them for the popular airbrushes. BTW, normal compressor plumbing is quarter inch pipe thread.

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Don Stauffer

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