Check out
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for a new line of superb 1:32
WW1 aircraft.
Made in NZ and only available for sale by mail order.
Wingnut Productions is Peter Jackson's film company so I imagine there
is an association there.
I am hoping that 1:48 is not far away as 1:32 is too large for my
limited display.
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A guy brought in a kit under construction to a local club meeting last Saturday, and those indeed are beautiful kits. I also have given up building 1:32 because of the display problem, but those sure are tempting :-)
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Don Stauffer
Stadia said the following on 17/12/2009 09:12:
You are correct Sir!
WHOIS brings this up.
Registrant: Wingnut Films Limited ATTN: WINGNUTWINGS.COM
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Richard Brooks

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