Wings vacs SB2U and BT-1

Anyone have any experience with these? As I understand it they are pretty good for vacs. Interested in the SB2U Vindicator (yes, I know AM is releasing one "real soon now") and the Northrup BT-1.

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Michael Stanley
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I have a couple of Wings 48 vacs. The scribing is very good, better and more workable than most limited run kits that use that hard plastic.

The white metal details I have never liked, but the decals if included are swell.

Regarding the AM kit of the SB2U, I am going to wait to see this one. Apparently molds were cut before they went into bankruptcy, so this kit has all the indications of being just as good as the Dauntless. Speaking of the Dauntless, I believe that there was an article on Hyperscale detailing the conversion of a Dauntless into a BT-1. Perhaps you could use the AM Dauntless as a source for interior details, landing gear and flaps/dive brakes for the Wings kit??

Keith Walker

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