Wrong Gunmetal paint?

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I needed gunmetal paint to paint the engine in a car. In the photo on the box, the engine is a shiny silver-grey, which is what I thought gunmetal was. I bought Testors model master gunmetal #1795. It turned out a very dark greenish color. That's wrong, isn't it? Then I looked it up on a web page, and I find out it's a Testors Model Master FS Enamel Paint. What does the FS mean? I was going to get the Metalizer version. I didn't know there was more than one friggin gunmetal. Is the Metalizer version the right one? It's #1405. I guess the only way I could've been sure was to take the paint code number with me. That sucks.

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FS means the Federal Standard number. I think what you really need is probably 'Steel'(#1180) or 'Flat Aluminum'(#1181). Once upon a time I would have advised Pactra 'Steel' but that's no longer available. Thanks, Testors. :(

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

The term 'gunmetal' as a color description is very vaque. It is not the same as gun blued metal, but certainly can be ambiguous beyond the fact that it should probably be grey. Is gunmetal shiny or matt? Depends a lot on final surface treatments and history since fabrication.

Even steel is not a very useful term. The term steel would seem to say it is different than cast iron, for example. But again, the color of unfinished steel depends a lot on alloy, and how it was fabricated, let alone whether there were any surface treatments for corrosion protection, etc.

I pers>

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Don Stauffer

Most gunmetal paint I ever used was like the color of pencil graphite with a metallic sheen. Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

"Don Stauffer" wrote

Real gunmetal is an ancient alloy, some sort of bronze I believe.


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Kurt Laughlin

Correct Kurt, the alloy known as gunmetal is in fact a type of bronze and was used to cast, you guessed it...guns (usually canon but sometimes early handgonnes). Commonly model paints called gunmetal are supposed to represent rust blued steel (as opposed to chemical salt bluing, nitre bluing or Parkerizing).

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Don Stauffer

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