WTB: 1/72 B-18A Bolo

OK...I'm giving up waiting for MPM or someone else to rescue me from
this addiction.
Does anyone have a 1/72 vac kit of the B-18A Bolo deep in their stash?
I believe an outfit called White Eagle made one. Also Execuform, but
I'd need a newer version with the white metal parts. Any other
C'mon, you guys aren't gonna build the thing. Sell it to me -- CHEEP!
(;-} I'm in the U.S.
Please reply to snipped-for-privacy@capaccess.org
Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum flack)
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Does anyone have the Airmodel and White Eagle kits to compare? Are they identical, or seperate molds?
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I'd still hope the MPM B-18 becomes a reality. They are also working on a Martin B-10. I'd heard two years ago, then had it confirmed more recently by MPM these kits were in the works. Anyone have any recent concrete information?
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Brian Burr Chin
Could you give us more details on other MPM plans for future? It is good information to know that they are planning to do B-10, because, I could stop looking for the source for Williams B-10.
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Marko Soletic
I won't be happy until MPM, or one of their numerous other labels, does a C-54. Rumors about that started last year.
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