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I have just added a short article about building the Anigrand resin kit of the Yakovlev Yak-141 'Freestyle' VTOL fighter to my website.

You can get to it directly at :-

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For the rest of my modelling articles on Russian aircraft (and others), go to :-
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Ken Duffey
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Absolutely, thanks! Good stuff.



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Andre van der Hoek

Great model, as usual

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Uzytkownik "Ken Duffey" napisal w wiadomosci news:co75e9$nbg$ snipped-for-privacy@news8.svr.pol.co.uk...

Very fine, but I think, that the engine doors are not too long, but undercarriage is too short. Just try to measure the engine doors against it's fuselage cut- out. I have russian vacu with white metal gear legs, and they are definitely longer.

-- Greetings Piotr

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Piotr Dmitruk

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