Yak-28 ejection seats

Does anyone know what type of seats were fitted in the Yak-28R? And also whether there are any aftermarket seats out there in 72 scale?


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Nichola Marriott
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We have had this query before - when the Amodel Yak-28P came out.

In those days, most of the Soviet OKB's designed their own seats - so the Yak twins family had Yakovlev designed seats - and AFAIK, there are no aftermarket seats available.

The head-box on the Yak-28 series looks a bit like the KM-1 seat fitted to the MiG-21. You can get this seat in white metal from aeroclub.

I don't have any good pics of the seat - but there are some of my Yak-28 on Linden Hill's website at :-

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Ken Duffey

Good answer. From looking at the photos I have I think some amalgamation of the headbox from the KM1 to the frame of a seat from a Mig 17 would come close. depends on how crazy you want to go with it.

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