Airliners with no seats

Anyone else bothered by kits of airliners that have transparent windows
but no seats? I am getting tired of making seats! Some of the older
airliners had pretty good sized windows for their fuselage size.
I would think there would be a market for aftermarket seats in 1:72, but
I don't recall seeing any.
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Don Stauffer
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I do recall that there were seats available for HO passenger cars. Are they suitable for airliners in 1/72?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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William Banaszak
And the older planes I like to model probably had smaller seats. I'll look for those seats in the Model RR section of my hobby shop. Probably should pick up a Walthers catalog anyway- they have a lot of good modeling materials in there. Walthers was the first place I could get 8.5 x 11 inkjet decal material, though lots of places have it now.
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Don Stauffer
Having just taken a couple of rather lengthy airline trips, I could recommend that you seek out seats in N scale (1/160), because that's what it felt like I was sitting in.
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I have used Lasertrans inkjet paper and the 'white when dried' is a pain. Is there any other brand where the white (unprinted) bits dry clear without having to coat with clearcoat? That was useful doing Polish insignia but with others it can be a PITA
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In all the white papers that I have tried, the white comes from the fact that the decal film itself is white. Any part of the paper not printed on is white.
In both the clear and white, unlike regular decals, there is a film everywhere, not just where the film has been silkscreened down.
So with white decal paper the challenge is cutting out the decal so you do not have a white border around all of the designs. What I do is use the color of the surface I am putting the decal on as the "background" color of the design. This works fine for very common, basic colors but may be a challenge to do for fancy colors.
The clear spray is to waterproof the ink so it does not "run" when you immerse the decal in the water. Most inkjet inks are not waterproof when dry. Even the black decals I make with my laser printer I overcoat with gloss, since they are very fragile straight from the laser printer, and easily abrade when handled.
I use far more clear sheets than white. I only use white when the design has white in it and I cannot avoid that. On all the brands I have tried, the clear type dry very clear.
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Don Stauffer

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