Re: Engine Noise Jet kits - info, stories please

As I recall, there was the Monogram 1/72 B-52 (although I never owned the motorized version) and several kits (F-100 [one of which I acquired, without motor, recently -- very poor kit), F-104[?], F-8[?], and possibly others that escape me for the moment) from Lindberg.
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Edwin Ross Quantrall
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My first 1/72 B-52 had that feature but it was discarded as I had no
interest in it. It did leave a hole in the fuselage that needed filled,
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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and an F-86E to 1/48 scale. The "mine your own lodestone and wrap your coil" kits from Lindberg were a bit beyond most modelers I think. Wish I'd done one, I'd probably be a little more educated electronically. hth
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Seems to me that Revell produced two kits around '79-'80 with sound. I believe their 1/32 Coast Guard UH-1 Huey and 1/32 Police Hughes 500 made sounds to go with their motorized rotors and lights.
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