2004 Clicking of the Ballon to make new number

Is anyone here know how to making baloons to make update of these item number?

Pastwhiles I was able to doublehit the baloon to make one change of number with one bom.

How this is make to work now?

It only let me to follow assembly but how to make them not to follow?

We now are to go in the edit to make the parts go up then go downward to then make a new number - (it has arrows up and down too).

Extremes plus with frutrasion

Thank all you please -


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You need to pick "custom" instead of "item number". Once you do that, you can make it anything you want.

In Tools/Options/Document Properties/Detailing/Balloons you can set the "Balloon text" to be "Custom" instead of "Item Number" as the default. You probably had it set up that way in the earlier release and SW04 set it back to the normal default of "Item Number".

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger


Thanks you. I am continud to struggle with these baloonand made them with the custom as you told. But everytime it would make to disconnect of number to bom. Now the services pack number 1 made it to work again nice like the pastwhiles.

Thanks towards you again to helping me so much.

Big thanks one time again.


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