2005 Design Journal

When I open the Design Journal.doc the only property filled in is the MATERIAL. The FILENAME & DESCRIPTION both read :

Error! Unknown document property name.

I take a look at the properties and I see Material and Description and I know that filename is system generated. So what gives?

Any ideas, our new quality policy requires us to keep a design 'folder' and I though that the design 'journal' would be great for this.


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I had this issue too but only with the file name. The default journal worked fine but journal files I created did not work. I noticed the default journal had custom properties for the file name, description, and material. All were type text and all had a space as their value. I added a custom property named "File Name" to my new journal file with a space as it's value. After making this change my custom journal file appears to be behaving correctly. From what I found, file name is the only property that was necessary to add.


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