3rd to 1st Angle

I'm looking for suggestions on the least complicated method to copy and
convert 3rd angle drawings to 1st angle. E.G. thoughts on how to modify
projected views so that attached dimensions are correct. Is there any
progamatic way to accomplish this?
Thanks for your input.
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Us American engineers can't even get projection angles correct!
I mean, when you look at the "right" side of your car, we call it the "left" view. :)
We sure are screwy.
Are you looking for a macro? If so, you might want to ask your VAR, but from my experience, it has to be done manually.
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Why not just keep the views you have but move them? Move left to right (and vice versa) and top to bottom (and vice versa).
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Thanks to all for your input.
We ended up implementing what Sporky suggested. I wrote a quick macro to do the basic unit conversion, modify the default decimals and load revised sheet formats. Then we'll move the views manually. There were a couple of surprises with the unit changes (from inch to mm) though. One was the fillets dimensioned with Size x Angle did not convert to mm. We're on 2004SP5 because eDrawings 2005 has issues on WinNT used by users to view the drawings.
Comments and humor appreciated.
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Does it not work to just change it in the sheet properties, I suppose you have a chance of loosing some data but I'm not sure. We have the same problem with WinNT it is a real pita. It looks like by the time we get them all updated to a modern system 2006 will be on SP2.0 already.
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