Access controlled file names

I am trying to set up a system where a new part or assembly is created
using a filename generated from within a access database that my
company has already created. Could anyone point me in the direction of
how I might go about doing this. I know that I can map the control to
the new file event, but am at a bit of a loos as to how to continue.
Any help on this would be appreciated.
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I have one that I wrote to pick up the current model configuration info and write it to an Access record. Go to
formatting link
and grab the one called AccessLogOfConfig.swp. (Rather appropriate name, eh?) It might contain some routines that you can use.
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Wayne Tiffany
why not use PDMWorks?
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Thanks Wayne I will take a look at your code :)
TP - We are using PDMworks to control all of our files and keep track of revision control. Currently we are setting up an Access database to keep track of all the tasks that our department has to handle, this database would also be used to assign unique file names for all of our parts and assemblies. What we want to do is to make it an automatic process from within solid works, where anytime a new part is created you are sent to the database to fill in pertinent information for the file into the database as well as getting the next part number or assembly number related to the proper prject.
TP wrote:
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