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I thought one of the advantages for creating and installing from a network image file was that when SW started up, it would check to see if that file had been updated and prompt the user to proceed with the update.

No such luck.

The information I found said something about installing from a .HTML file, no files like that. I had my guys install from the .msi file.

What am I missing or do wrong?


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Keith Streich
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I think when the install manager gets done it leave an html file somewhere in the install directory. You send that to the users.

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I want to say that it was a document called the Installation Guide that lays out this process in a pretty detailed manner. It's at the subscription site and on the installation CDs as a minimum. You have to "install" the image to a network drive, where it makes an HTML page that people can install SW from. Then it *usually* upgrades itself when the image is upgraded; manually runnins swspmanager on an occasional errant computer forces any stragglers to update.


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Kevin Silbert

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