Advice on Installing SW2004

We are currently running SW2003-SP0, weve just subscibed to the
maintenance package and as a result have recieved SW2004-SP0.
I'd like to know whats the best way to go about installing this, do i
remove 2003 then install 2004 fresh - if so what user settings do i
need to back up? What do I do with the toolbox files? etc
Any advice greatly apreciated.
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Lee Wright
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Hi Lee,
I'm running them both at the moment without too much trouble. Before you do anything, make sure you back up everything, including all your template files, your 'cus' file (which has your user preferences) and anything else you can think of! I did a separate install, rather thatn 'update an old installation'. I think that 2004 is pretty good personally, and certainly much better than 2003 SP0 which was pretty buggy if I remember rightly!
Once you want to go ahead with 2004 permanently, then it's best to do a complete uninstall first, including getting rid of the solidworks registry entries - ask you supplier about how to do that properly! But make sure you back up veverything before doing this also. Remember, you wont be able to open files with 2003 once you have saved them with 2004 - so it may be better to do some trial stuff to get used to it before comiting your customer work.
Finally, I would stick some sort of spam removal attempt into your reply address for this news group if I were you, 'cause spam is bad enough without handing your address out!
Hope this is of some help!
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Lee Bazalgette

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