Any overall opinions on SWX2005?

To the folks who have been brave enough to install and begin using

2005: Do you have any overall opinions relative to 2004 about stability and functionallity. I monitor this group fairly closely when new releases and SP come about to see how much "noise" is generated. For 2005 it seems pretty quite releative to other more recent releases. I figure this is one of two situations.

  1. It is a good release.

  2. Not many folks have installed and operated it yet.

Thanks in advance for the feedback


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Bryan Player
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I've been using it for a while. I find there are some cool new functions that might be hard to live without once you know they're available, but as is often the case, you pay for this by enduring some quirks. Sketch has some great new tools, but there are certainly a few quirks with the new spline functions. Also some new loft and surfacing functions which are balanced by some quirks. Overall, it is not very crashy (assuming your system is well set up and maintained), most of my crashes have related to bad data. How the data gets bad may be another issue, but I don't have any hard info in that direction.

Whether it's a good release or not, you're gonna see complaints. People will complain about almost anything, given the option. Still, I think it's got some valuable enhancements in it. If you're the conservative type, you might want to wait a SP or 2, but if you're someone who can work with the flow, I don't think there are any total showstoppers in there now.

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