Applyinig a picture or text to a surface

I've been trying to apply a picture from file and text to a curved surface.
Anyone have some hints on how to do this?
Much appreciated.
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Thats easy
If you want to create text onto a surface then you can use the "wrap" command. first create a sketch on a plane within the area of the surface and then use the wrap command to select the surface to wrap it to.
To insert a picture onto a surface, curved or flat then you will have to create a new folder to store your images in. Then in the "options" dialog choose "file locations" and add this new folder to the "textures" option.
In your part right click the surface and choose face, appearance, textures. In the texture dialog choose your new folder then pick your image, scale and rotation can be adjusted to suit. There may be a quicker method but thats the only one that I know.
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