Assy Component Selection Bug

Since moving to 2005 I'm having problems highlighting components in assemblies by left clicking them in the tree. Has anyone else had this problem? It seems to only happen intermittantly and I wonder if some setting has toggled. The selection filter also seems to repond badly at times. Comments.

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If you hit the wrong key on the keyboard it may toggle a filter on and off. I always have a problem with E I hit it all the time when zooming because years ago I would hit ZE enter in Autocad to zoom extents and I periodically try to do the same in SW even still.


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I have had the left click problem in assembly trees from time to time in

2004. A single left click does nothing, but a double click will sometimes work. Right clicking seems to work ok though during those times. What I usually do to clear it up is open a part file, then go back to the assembly file. It usually works.


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Mark Reimer

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