Dynamic Highlighting Problem

Hey guys I could really use some help on this. It's really getting on
my nerves. I'm using the SolidWorks Student Design Kit on Vista and
whenever I mouseover a line my dynamic highlighting gets all funky.
It highlights it but it also has a solid black square encompassing the
whole feature. It's kind of hard to describe here's a picture of it.
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Most likely a video card issue, or just a Vista driver issue for that particular card. Please supply specifics (hardware, driver version, OS version) with these types of questions.
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Like Jeff suggested, I suspect that it is a problem with your graphics driver. Do this: Launch SW, then before you open a part (that know crashes) go to Tools>options>performance and checkmark "Using software OpenGL" If you part behaves without crashing, this is an indication that it is the graphics driver problem.
The 2007/2008 Student Design Kit is the SW2007 version and as such has know issues with Vista graphics - mainly performance. This is why we never released 2007 for Vista (only pre-release). We did for the SDK because we didn't feel it was fair to make students wait a full 2 years (education/student release are one major release behind commerical.) A major rearchitecture of graphics was needed for SW2008 Vista because of the way that MS chose to Implement Graphics in Vista - i.e. entire sceen is now redrawn constantly (by DirectX or OpenGL) as before only the SW window was redrawn and updated as needed by OpenGL.
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