Basic considerations in Roof construction detailing, Design drawings

Roof construction details play important role in the performance of
building roof system. The success of any roofing system depends on its
detailed design at projections, junctions, sections and on the quality
of its on field application. As a structure depends on its foundations
for support, so does the roofing system depend on its base. For
structures, most materials used in the foundations are mostly stable
and footings are rarely subject to extreme fluctuations in
temperature. On contrast, the base is not always stable and members
used in roofing system are subject to extreme changes in temperature
and humidity.
Provision must be made during construction of the roofing system to
facilitate adequate working clearance. When planning new construction,
the designer must consider prospective replacement of the roofing
system. Anyone involved with the roof system after the time of
construction should be aware that whatever component is added to the
roof surface must be added for future repairs or replacement. Since
corrections during renovation can be very expensive, sometimes costing
4 to 5 times what they might cost during initial erection to
facilitate adequate clearance for future replacement.
Showing details on a relatively large scale allows the designer to
visualize the construction of the detail and allows the contractor to
determine exactly what is shown on the detail drawing. Small scale
drawings sometime result in the contractor's use of imagination in the
construction of the detail, and the roofing contractor's imagination
sometimes inclines towards the easiest not necessarily the best method
of construction.
Most of the times the designer expects the detail to be terminated or
joined to an adjacent assembly. An isometric drawing will help the
designer to visualize how each component fits into the overall detail
and whether the provisions must be made for differing elevations at
juncture points. 3D isometric drawings drastically reduce the risk of
wrong interpretation by the contractor.
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