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I've had a blog going for a few months, but I haven't mentioned it here
because, well, just because. I've got a few posts up which may be worth
reading or commenting on. Stories from New Orleans, speculation about
operating systems, out-there opinion, and stuff that's entirely off
topic. Lots of user group info. You might want to check it out:
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Also, I've revamped my Dezignstuff site a bit. I'm no great web
programmer, but I've got a bit more detail on the SolidWorks 2007 Bible,
including chapter titles for anyone who is interested.
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My other site hasn't seen much in terms of updates for a while except
for the user group presentations page. If you're into checking out user
group presentations, this is the mother lode of powerpoint sites. From
the main page go to the User Groups link.
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Matt Lombard
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