anyway to create a coil that is in a ring? that is create a coil and then twist it in a circle so that the ends meet?

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I adapted my MathCurve macro just for you. Please visit

formatting link
Public Const pi As Double = 3.14159265358979

Dim p() As Double Sub main() Set swApp = Application.SldWorks Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc

'formulas and values below are for a toric coil 'variables. remember that length units are METERS! r0 = 0.1 ' main torus radius r1 = 0.01 ' recondary torus radius n = 10 ' number of revolutions m = 8 ' number of points per revolution

ReDim p(3 * m * n + 3)

For u = 0 To 2 * pi Step 2 * pi / (n * m) r = r0 + r1 * Cos(n * u) p(i) = r * Cos(u) 'x p(i + 1) = r * Sin(u) 'y p(i + 2) = r1 * Sin(n * u) 'z i = i + 3 Next u

Part.Insert3DSketch Part.CreateSpline (p) Part.InsertSketch2 True End Sub

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Philippe Guglielmetti


find a mail with attachment of the coil. It that what you want buddy?


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What a gentleman!! Folks, give the man a hand. You're a real credit to the newsgroup, Philippe. When I get some money I'm gonna buy some of your add-ins. Uhh . . . but don't hold your breath, fella. I'm unemployed at the moment.


Philippe Guglielmetti wrote:

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Totally! I was going to post something similar. I've definitely benefited numerous times from your postings. Thank you!

Cheers. Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

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