comsmos pressure

I need to learn a FEA program which will let me analyse the effects of
pressure on a small underwater housing. and to calculate deformation on a
small plastic window.
I was considering cosmosworks!! does anyone know of its suitability, any
tutorials or any other suitable software??
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CosmosWorks will certainly help you if you are in the linear elastic range and doing stress and deflection.
The following are probably reasonably suited to your project:
CosmosWorks, DesignStar,
If you go with CosmosWorks you have to have SolidWorks. If you go with DesignStar you can use any of the popular modeling packages.
gcraig wrote:
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You are going to buy an entire FEA module to analyze one problem...will you use it again after that? Seems silly if may be better off contracting it out to an analyst. Your VAR could probably help you there (make sure you hire someone that knows what their doing).
Your problem might be simple enough to get a good picture of the deflection using Cosmos Express (free black box), but if you have never used FEA then you might not be able to understand the depth of your problem. From your disceription of the problem knowbody else can understand the depth of your needs either...please expland your discription if you want help.
- Part or assymb (contact or non contact)? - Materials (linear or nonlinear) - Do you expect large deflections?
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